A drunk man will find his way home, but a drunk bird may get lost forever. — Shizuo Kakutani

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Boozy 2

Boozy 3

In a nutshell


  • Create equally spaced squares along the vertical line x = stripe.middle.x of each stripe.

    • Use the probabilistic function squareColor = f() to determine the color of the square.
    • If the square is inside a black stripe, draw it.
    • If the square is outside a black stripe,
    • Use the probability drawSquare = f(y) that is lower the further away from canvas.middle.y, to determine if the square is drawn or not.
    • Draw it using an opacity value alpha = f(y) that is lower the further away from canvas.middle.y.

This project is open source. If you want to experiment with it, you can get the code.

To generate different works with the same configuration of the final result, but with different noise seeds, try the live version